Life is  like a river and I flow, flow, flow...

The Journey

Composer, Pianist, Singer-Songwriter

Ulli Meta is a Chicago Composer, Singer-Songwriter, and Lyricist. She is a pianist, vocalist, and guitarist continuously exploring the possibilities of life with more than 200 compositions/songs in her repertoire. In her compositions and spontaneous creations she combines various cultural (intra - and inter human) experiences and styles from jazz, pop, and modern classical music into a unique, passionate, transformational signature. Her at times powerful, at times gentle versatile voice  dances angelically over these expressive transformational sounds.

Ulli's live performances are an interactive and personal experience with the intention of bringing joy to the listeners. She intuitively connects with her audience and these inspirations flow into new creations developing spontaneously in the moment.

Ulli Meta took up guitar at the age of eleven and soon after composed the first of her vast repertoire of songs. The basics of her musical education developing into her life's passion have their roots in her childhood.  Inspired by nature and by exploring the meanings and possibilities of life, she has performed in many intimate venues all over Europe, England, and now in Chicago, IL ( U.S). A dream came true when she could afford her first piano.


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